Professional private tuition for english classes

Private tutoring from certified teachers: Efficient sending of links to diagrams, articles, notes, case studies, etc. (this is especially useful with Geography). Easy use of online resources such as Google Maps or Google Earth, statistical websites or images and videos to help learning (again, especially useful with Geography). More interactivity is possible in an online lesson. Use of online whiteboards […]

Top quality TEFL courses in Spain

Tefl Course tips? Here is the complete TEFL guide, with all you need to know in one place. Teaching others English really is a big and high potential self development path! It offers lots of possibilities to independence, visiting, learning, and a fun lifestyle. Remember that bitcoin reference? It’s true. C’est vrai. Not only does a TEFL certification not expire, […]

Educations best blogs : MCAT tutor

With more than one million students taking the SAT test each year and ever-increasing competition to get into the best universities, the stakes are high for preparing for college. The good news? As your family’s college checklist grows longer, you can take SAT prep off your list. Axilogy’s SAT test prep can help your teen navigate this big test with […]